Studio Mat - Twilight Paws

Premium Eco-friendly Mat/Towel Combination Yoga Mat

This mat was designed to be the ultimate studio yoga mat. Reduces slipping, injuries and you no longer need to bring a mat AND towel to class anymore. All-in-one product that is also Machine washable. Carrying strap included.

Every one of our Yoga Mats has a story. 

Read this mat's story below:

Kirby was found homeless, but her energetic spirit and heartwarming smile found her a forever home quickly.

Kirby was abandoned at birth and found herself separated from her litter mates shortly afterwards. However Kirby didn’t let that get her down. She was picked up and brought to a No Kill animal shelter where she showed everyone that she was the queen of the ball. Her endless energy and playful behavior could brighten your worst day.

This mat is dedicated to Kirby and her endearing personality and energy that she brought with her into every room.

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