Studio Mat - Dream Catcher

Premium Eco-friendly Mat/Towel Combination Yoga Mat

This mat was designed to be the ultimate studio yoga mat. Reduces slipping, injuries and you no longer need to bring a mat AND towel to class anymore. All-in-one product that is also Machine washable. Carrying strap included.

Every one of our Yoga Mats has a story. 

Read this mat's story below:

Ollie was resuced and saved his owner's life. Ollie was found in the worst of conditions with trash and waste surrounding him. He had been thrown away like so much of the other garbage and now he was all alone. He was rescued and adopted into a home where his painful past and affectionate soul would prove to be a blessing beyond words. A month after adopting Ollie, his owner’s father unexpectedly passed away.
Ollie never left his owner’s side in their greatest time of need and became a ray of hope to guide a path towards a brighter future. Ollie’s loving spirit and unwavering support rescued his owner during an incredibly dark and painful time. This mat is dedicated to him and the many other rescue dogs that turned out to be the saviors instead of the rescued.

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