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Premium Eco-friendly Mat/Towel Combination Yoga Mat

This mat was designed to be the ultimate studio yoga mat. Reduces slipping, injuries and you no longer need to bring a mat AND towel to class anymore. All-in-one product that is also Machine washable. Carrying strap included.

Every one of our Yoga Mats has a story. 

Read this mat's story below:

Faith was near death and had nearly given up when she was rescued and rehabilitated by a NO KILL shelter.

Faith was found at a local animal shelter in critical condition. She had a broken vertebrae, a gaping wound on her back leg, nerve damage, a serious heartworm infestation and severe dehydration. She had experienced more pain in her life than any dog deserves and her saddened demeanor reflected that experience. Luckily she was found, rescued, and taken to Friends For Life; a NO KILL animal shelter in Houston, Texas.

At the local shelter where she was found, she would have been put down regardless of her chances for pulling through. Faith had surgery and was rehabilitated for months while she became a veteran at Friends for Life. She was always a sweet, friendly, and loving dog, but never had a chance to show anyone. She was finally adopted into a loving home where she now makes it a point to show her owner’s just how lucky they are to have her every day. Her ability to pull through when the odds were not in her favor and show the world that sometimes the most beautiful soul lies just beyond the pain is why this mat is dedicated to her.

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