The Best Kept Health Secret for You AND Your Dog

Coconut Oil Health Benefits


As yogis, it is an essential part of our agenda to dedicate the time and energy into keeping our bodies healthy - physically, mentally and spiritually. However, the only problem with doing this in a society such as ours is that we are constantly being shown “the next best thing” for doing so. Branding, money, and advertising can often times put a huge price tag on these products as well as care more about the money made off them than the actual health benefits. This is why the traditional plant and healing based eastern medicines can be so fascinating to some -- because they are completely natural, as if sent to you by Mother Nature herself. You don’t have to question their authenticity, or read an ingredients label for them. The beautiful news is that some of these methods are still easily available in the western world, even though they aren’t always advertised for some of their most magical properties.


Would you believe me if I said one of the items you walk by nearly every time at the grocery store was one of these products? One that can help your body and overall health in many ways, and -- get this -- even your dog’s health!? Feast your eyes... her name is coconut oil. YES, coconut oil!


Here are some ways this amazing ‘syrup of the Gods’ can help YOU:


  • Your teeth. Through a process known as “oil pulling” you can restore the health in your gums and teeth. Take a swig of coconut oil, about a tablespoon, and swish it around in your mouth for 20 minutes. Not only does the thickness of the oil get out food caught in your teeth, but it extracts the toxins and bacteria out of your gums. The process whitens and strengthens your teeth, improves breath, and aids in reversing gum problems and plaque. When finished, brush your teeth and floss like normal!


  • Your hair. Rub coconut oil through your hair and leave it in there for 30 minutes to an hour before washing it out, or just use it as your main conditioner. This will re-moisturize and restore the health of your hair by giving it essential proteins, adding shine, decreasing frizz, and aiding with dandruff.


  • Your skin. Being that coconut oil is the main ingredient in most lotions, soaps, and creams - it is no wonder that you can absorb it’s magic without the huge price tag. You can use this oil as an all-natural makeup remover. Or, do you have a pimple? A blemish? A rash? A dry patch? Put coconut oil on it! It is a completely safe solution for your skin, and not only can clear up unwanted visitors and be used as a moisturizer - but also delays wrinkles and aging signs, too!


  • Your weight and your health. Throw out your cooking and baking oils, your pan sprays, the shortening, and your butter. Now, replace them with coconut oil. Also, add a dash into your coffee or tea instead of cream or sugar, top your popcorn with it, or make it the base of a new salad dressing. Not only is it a much healthier alternative, but the benefits of it for your body are unfathomable. It’s fatty acids aid in excess weight loss, it increases your metabolism, is good for your heart, strengthens your immune system, and aids in improving your digestion and preventing stomach and digestion related problems. Not to mention, the ingestion of coconut oil positively effects bone strength, Alzheimer's, HIV, cancer, diabetes, kidney, liver, pancreas, and stress relief.


  • Your wounds. Putting coconut oil on open wounds helps give it a protective layer from dust, viruses, and unwanted bacteria - as well as extracting unwanted bacteria already in the wound - just as it does in your mouth. Rubbing it on bruises also helps speed up the healing process in the damaged tissues at an amazing rate.


As for your pup, virgin coconut oil is the best, and it can help:


  • Their health. Mixing coconut oil with dog food is a perfect way to get it into their system, plus critics say they gobble up the coconut-y taste happily. A good rule of thumb is to put in about a teaspoon per 10 pounds of dog, or a tablespoon per 30 pounds. However, it is important to build them up to this amount, and so it is recommended to start with about 1/4 of the dosage and make your way up over about 4 weeks as to not make their systems sick in any way. Doing this provides them with an excellent source of nutrients, improves their digestive system, prevents infections, and speeds up metabolism to help control their weight.


  • Their coat. Adding coconut oil to their food as mentioned above also has the added bonus of improving the shine and strength of their beautiful coat of fur.


  • Their skin. Putting coconut oil on dry spots, hot spots, cracked paws, rashes, and open wounds does wonders for your dog - just as it does for you.


  • Their fleas. You can brush your dog with coconut oil every few weeks to help ward off fleas. This is especially useful during buggy seasons. It deodorizes them, too!


Doing further research on this oil will show you that there are even still many, many more ways that this magical product can improve the lives of both you and your furry friend. The coconut tree itself is known as “the tree of life”, and I think we can see why. But as for now, I think one thing is for sure - it’s time to go find your grocery list, and add this to the top.

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